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When To Remove The Round Handle Lock?

Round Handle Lock

The round handle lock is suitable for all bedroom and bathroom doors and can also be used for the main gate. However, during use, it is difficult to avoid problems that need to be removed and checked to find the cause and how to fix the round handle lock. So when to pull the round handle lock? Is it easy to install a round handle lock?

These questions will be answered in detail through our article below!

Cases need to remove the round handle lock:

Round Handle Lock
Cases need to remove the round handle lock:

In some cases, it is necessary to remove the round handle lock to check:

The critical assembly is broken.

A broken key assembly is one of the reasons you must remove the round handle lock. 2 cases cause the critical mass to be damaged; the entire group is stuck, and the crucial assembly with the vital body is not connected correctly.

At this time, do not try to twist and close the door so that the key assembly retracts. Because doing so will only make the lock more impacted. At this point, you only have to remove the round handle door lock from the door.

The critical assembly is damaged due to jam, possibly because the lock has not been maintained for a long time, leading to internal rust and causing the coil to jam. Or improper use also causes the critical assembly to be damaged.

The lock body is stuck and can’t be turned.

The lock body is stuck and cannot be turned, which is one reason you must remove the round handle lock. The leading cause is also because part of your lock has not been maintained for a long time.

This accumulates dirt for a long time, making the lock body unable to open. Or due to the strong impact of the lock body, other parts inside the lock body are deformed. The lock body is stuck and cannot be turned.

The lock body turns, but the critical assembly does not respond.

Maybe because in the process of using, you open and close the wrong way, the lock body curves, but the critical crowd does not respond. Or the lock body and key assembly hit too hard, causing them to deform.

This makes your door unable to open and close. If you want to be able to open and close, you must know how to remove the round handle lock from the door. And fix the round handle lock; the new wave can be used again.

How to install a round handle lock.

With each type of door lock, there will be separate points, so installing the round handle door lock is also different for each type of handle and door type. However, the sequence of steps to install the round handle lock is similar.

Step 1: Prepare tools.

To remove the lock, you need to understand the structure of the round handle lock. And fully prepare the following supporting tools: sharp tools to unlock, screwdriver, and hammer. If you can’t fix it but need to replace the new round handle lock, you should prepare a new set of locks with the same design and size as the old lock so that you don’t have to adjust or fix the installation position; check the quantity Screws in the new lock set,

Step 2: Drill a hole for the lock

  • With the round handle lock trigger, the standard size is 60 – 70mm, so we need to pay close attention to having the standard size.
  • Let’s attach the round hand lock to the side of the door at the center line and 965mm from the background.
  • Please mark the center hole on the door face according to the size.
  • Then keep the center on the appropriate door edge line.

Step 3: Remove the inner handle.

Suppose you have identified the lock with the errors mentioned above. You need to open the lock to determine if the error is damaged, can be fixed, or need to buy a new wave to replace it. Use a tool to remove the lock, alternately from the door handle to the lock body.

In case, after removing, you have carefully checked each part to find the cause of the lock being stuck but still cannot be solved, you should replace the lock with a new one. At this point, you should remove the lock; if it is difficult to remove or is stuck too deep into the wooden door, you can use a screwdriver to push and unscrew it.

After marking, we drill two holes with a diameter of about 3mm. 

 Drill 1 hole through the door edge of depth 51 and 1 spot through the two sides of the door according to the selected center mark.

Step 4: Install the critical assembly and lock the body.

We drill holes with 54mm or 51mm diameter in the door face.

When drilling, we should pay close attention to each side ½ of the door thickness and then hit the end on the other side to avoid cracking the wood.

Step 5: Install the side cover (lock mouth)

Next, we mark the center hole in the opening position on the door frame 965mm from the background.

Step 6: Install and screw to fix

Next, assemble the plastic sub-panel: punch holes in the door to fit the sub-panel. Install and screw to fix.

Let’s drill a hole with a diameter of 22mm or 25mm in the side of the door 51m deep.

Step 7: Install the round hand lock

Then we put the door latch on the side of the door and mark the door latch face bar, drill this area 4mm deep.

We screwed the latch face of the door to the side of the door.

Finally, we mark the eyelets on the door frame and drill 1.6mm deep. Then we fasten the door latch to the main door lock frame.


Above is an article that summarizes the cases when removing the round handle lock is necessary. We also guide you to remove the round handle lock effectively.

Hopefully, the article that Locksmith San Antonio provides will be helpful if you are using a round handle lock. Please get in touch with us for the support!

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