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What Should You Do With The Handle Lock?

Handle Lock

Handle locks are being used quite commonly today. But sometimes, in the process of use, it is inevitable that the door will get stuck, or the lever lock will lose the key. So you need to understand the structure of the handle lock. When to break the handle lock? Therefore, we want to guide you on how to unlock the stuck door handle and how to break the door handle lock when needed!

How to unlock the door handle stuck.

A stuck handle lock is one of the problems that are probably common with this type of door. When we encounter this situation, please stay calm because there are tips to fix the stuck lock below.

How to unlock a door handle stuck due to a rusty lock

In hot and humid weather like in our country, the phenomenon of rusty locks is one of the phenomena that is difficult to avoid.

Because of such weather, the door handle of your house rusts inside. The lock is stuck and cannot be opened. At this point, you can use it very simple to clean the coil and maintain it a bit. Next, use graphite powder or RP7 spray to clean the stain.

And after that stage, you apply lubricant to the lock with the key so that the lock can be unlocked quickly and smoothly.

This is one of the ways to unlock a stuck door handle thatmany users use. And it is also very effective.

How to unlock the door handle is stuck and can’t fully insert the key.

If the lever lock is stuck, it may be because the lock is bent or the lock is misaligned. Or a hard thin iron can push the faulty ball tweezers into place. The way to fix the door handle lock stuck due to this reason is very simple. You need to use a dedicated lock repair tool.

Or you can clean the lock with specialized substances to clean the dirt inside. Then wipe it with a dry cloth to ensure the lock works properly.

Suppose you do not have a deep understanding of the lever lock. Because if you use the unlocking tool to push the faulty locks back into place, if you are not careful, it may lead to having to replace the new lock. But with this error, you should ask a locksmith to be better.

Unlock the stuck lever and turn it in any direction

This is one of the lock errors we often encounter when using the lever lock for a while. The way to unlock the handle door stuck in any direction can be opened quite simply; you need to pay attention and operate it quickly.

You turn the lock in one direction. Pay attention to rotating only a short distance. Then, with a quick and fluid movement. Immediately turn in the opposite direction, and most likely, the jam will be released.

This is a perfect way to unlock the door handle when stuck. It just doesn’t affect any lock problems. As well as not affect the key of the door.

How to break the door handle lock when the key is lost

handle lock
How to break the door handle lock when the key is lost

Use a screwdriver

When the lock is lost, you can use a small screwdriver. Or some flat tool to be able to poke into the internal structure of the wave. This method is suitable for locking the door by pressing a button on the handle. Look for a round hole in the hold if the door is locked inside.

Next, use a mini screwdriver, straightener, or small butter knife to poke this hole. The deeper you drive, the better. Then rotate or twist the tool until it hits a groove, and the lock pops out.

Pry the padlock

First, insert the hex key’s short end into the keyhole’s bottom edge. Then, very gently, use the hex key to turn the lock toward unlocking. Maintain a steady force, and use a straightened paperclip with a small beak end to pry the lock:

  • Use friction: slowly poke the paper clip into the bottom edge of the keyhole, then shake the paper clip up and down. Repeat this cyclic motion until the door opens.
  • Use the push pin: if you are unsuccessful with the above method. Continue maintaining a light and steady force on the hex key while slowly pushing the paperclip deep. When the paper clip makes contact with a specific pin. Try to pry up the curved end of the paper clip until the spring-loaded latch goes into place. Do the same with the other spring latches until the lock opens.

Unlock by removing the hinge

Insert a standard-size flathead screwdriver between the hinge shaft and the pin. Use a hammer to tap the screwdriver handle towards the bottom. Could you remove the pin from the post if the pin is loose enough? Do the same with the entire hinge. If the pin seems stiff, you can use a crosshead screwdriver to unscrew it.

Break the lock with a hammer

If you are in a hurry, you need to break the door immediately, use a hammer to bang it until the doorknob or the door lock falls off. This step is in the last order for a good reason – this should be your last attempt. In most cases, it may be better to call a locksmithor the fire department’s non-emergency line.

In addition to a hammer, you can use a chainsaw or a foot to break the door if there are no replacement tools around. But either way, you should be careful not to leave debris on the door; or the lock bounces back on the person, causing danger.


Above are ways to help you unlock the lever at home. However, it is best to call a skilled and reputable locksmith to ensure safety. They will quickly and effectively handle the lever lock errors without breaking the lever lock, but the price is meager.

Hope that the article that Locksmith San Antonio shares will be helpful for you!

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