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What are Different Types of Keys?

The keys are complicated. How could they not be? Their job is to keep people and property safe and provide a way for friends and family to access shelter. They can’t be one size fits all, even if that’s annoying, when the locks are sticky or when you can’t seem to find the right set of keys.

What are the different types of keys, and how do they work?

Knowing the types of keys, how they work, and what they are best suited for will help you make decisions ahead of time and have a little more certainty when it comes to your keys and locks.

You might be surprised to see how many different types of keys are out there. While you’ll recognize staples like bone keys, laser, or mechanical keys, some fantastic items can be used for cars, homes, lockboxes, and many properties. Other than that, you want to keep safe.

Here are some examples of joint locks and how they can best be used to keep you and your property safe.

Mechanical cut keys

This is the most common type of lock you will come across. These are standard keys, house keys, and car door keys. They are simple, relatively easy to copy, and rather bland and untidy in their design. These keys have precise bezels cut to one side, making them easy to duplicate, whether good or bad, depending on your situation. They are sturdy and try and be correct, but they are also easy to copy, which can be problematic for some.

Cruciform Key

This is another common type of lock, although it is less commonly used in private homes and more common in commercial and industrial uses. Like a mechanical key, this key is relatively easy to cut and copy, but the key to which the key goes is difficult to obtain for those who do not have the key. Finally, they can be used in any home or building that you want to ensure that you have secure locks on the entrances.

Four-sided key

This key comes in a double or even quadruple cut for added security. Again, they can be used in virtually any home or building, although more commonly for commercial properties than private homes. The catch here is that the extra edges and cuts make the key very hard to get, and the more bites, the harder the key is to copy.

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What technology options do I have?

Not all keys are small metal objects to carry around in your pocket. You’ve probably noticed that almost every car has some key as a key. There are also magnetic keys and your typical hotel-style key card. This is ideal for commercial properties where keys need to be changed constantly or at least monitored and controlled.

What are the options for stray locks?

It’s not just buildings and cars that need to be locked. Lockboxes, lockers, sheds, and more hold sensitive assets that need protection. Tubular keys are standard in metal lockboxes and filing cabinets, as are recessed keys. Primary keys are also standard in locks for lockers. Any of these keys are very difficult to copy and harder to choose.
Keyless entry has become standard on many vehicles and continues to be famous for families.
This is why a keyless door lock makes sense in this modern age.


Electronic door lock brings convenience and increased security.

Without a doubt, the keyless entry system offers convenience like never before. Imagine never having to carry your house keys again. Losing a key was never an issue, and changing keys is a thing of the past. With keyless entry, changing locks is as simple as changing the code.

Have you ever taken the risk of locking your keys in your house? If so, you can remember the sick feeling when the door closed behind you, and you suddenly realized that the key was not in your pocket. Did you break the window? Can you find a reliable locksmith available? With keyless entry, you won’t have to make that choice.

Before entering the key, the hidden key or “master friend” is the only backup option for lost keys. It’s nice to have a key hidden near your house because it makes forcing the windows open unnecessary, although you can always call a locksmith. However, thieves know how to find hidden keys. They know all the tricks, from the fake stone key box to the keys under the doormat. Chances are, a determined criminal will find that hidden key. Keyless entry eliminates this vulnerability.

Seinfeld fans remember the episode “The Keys.” Jerry loses his keys and can’t find Elaine, so he asks George to let him into Elaine’s apartment to get his spare. Their key buddy system had some serious flaws. While it’s fun on Seinfeld, it’s not a laughing matter when you lose your key, and the person with the extra goes out of town. It’s no longer 1992, and we’re no longer stuck with Seinfeld-era low-tech solutions to the critical loss problem. Keyless entry means never having to worry about losing your keys again.

A unique digital code for every family member

Different codes can be assigned to other people. For example, each family member can have their code. This can be a great benefit if you have kids or teenagers as you can see what time they get home. A unique code can also be issued to people who need to visit your home frequently, such as babysitters or dog walkers. When they are no longer working from home, their code can be destroyed, and you don’t have to worry about getting your keys back.

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