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Tips To Unlock The Safe When You Forgot The Code?

Unlock The Safe

Many different types of safes exist, and most use a set of codes to unlock the safe. It is these codes that make many times we forget and cannot open the safe. Indeed many of us use the safe but forget the code; how to find out how to unlock the safe when bypassing the code.

Don’t worry. If you are facing such a situation, you have found the correct information in this article.

Instructions on how to unlock the safe when forgetting the code

unlock the safe
Instructions on how to unlock the safe when forgetting the code

In this article, we will guide you on how to solve the problem when you encounter the case of forgetting the safe code for the mechanical lock safes and the mechanical lock with the electronic lock; these are the three safes that are being locked most used today.

How to unlock a mechanically locked safe?

Mechanical key safes are usually safes that you must use the fixed code of the manufacturer and cannot change the code. In other words, it is possible to change the code, but you can check which code must use that code, but you cannot change it at will.

Typically, each mechanical safe has a different code, so it is impossible to confuse the different types of safes. To unlock this safe at first, you will often find it very difficult because you have to dial the code precisely, not even 1 bar.

For example, if you buy a safe and the safe code is: 12 – 46-84, you proceed to unlock the safe as follows:

First, you need to put the master key into the lock, then proceed to rotate the lock:

Step 1: 3 rounds to the right and stop at precisely 12.

Step 2: Rotate two more rounds in reverse (to the left) and stop at precisely 46.

Step 3: Rotate the stem to the right and stop at precisely 84.

After turning, you turn the key to be able to unlock the safe. Note that if you accidentally rotate the secure code, you need to turn it from the beginning, not back.


For mechanical and mechanical key-change safes:

As for the mechanical lock safe, you can change the code freely without worrying about encountering the same situation as the standard mechanical lock. After opening the safe, you should proceed to change the code to ensure higher security features. If you have forgotten the security code for a mechanical lock, you can ultimately call the warranty number and ask them to give you the safe code to unlock it.


Code-changed mechanical lock safes are an upgraded type of mechanical lock safes. For this line of safes, the unlocking of the safe is a little different from that of a standard mechanical lock. With this line of safes, you can completely change the safe code as you like to help better security.

For example, if you have a safe with the following code: 25-50-25-0, you proceed to unlock it as follows:

Step 1: Turn the dial counterclockwise and stop at precisely 50.

Step 2: Turn the dial clockwise and stop at precisely 25.

Step 3: Turn the dial counterclockwise and stop at precisely 50.

Step 4: Turn the knob clockwise until the dial can no longer turn.

Step 5: Finally, turn the key to the right and lift the handle to unlock the safe.

 Instructions on how to unlock the electronic lock dial

This is one of the most popular safes in use today. With this line of safes, you will use the digital key to unlock the safe. Typically, electronic safes can be set from 5 to 16 numbers to make secure codes. Because there are too many numbers, the code will inevitably be forgotten. It will make you highly uncomfortable when you forget the code and can’t unlock the safe. Don’t worry; for this line of electronic lock safes, even if you fail the code, you can still have an effortless way to unlock the safe.

The digital lock series is straightforward to use. Like a phone or TV remote, we use every day. For example, if your safe code is “0123,” you need to combine the electronic lock code and the master key when unlocking the safe. You insert the master key into the lock, then press #0123#; when the screen shows the word open, it means you have entered the correct code; then, you turn the key and unlock the safe.

Depending on the set of electronic locks that you follow the instructions, there are electronic locks that do not use # but use “ST” ending with “EN.” 


Safe is becoming a more and more important item for us; it not only helps us to keep our possessions but also partly makes us feel more secure when away from home. If you have a problem that you have forgotten the safe code and cannot unlock it, please apply our instructions.

 Locksmith San-Antonio has guided you to the most straightforward solutions to help you unlock the safe typically even though you have forgotten the code. Hopefully, this sharing of ours can help you not to have trouble when failing the safe code.



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