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Things You Should Know About Electronic Lock

electronic lock

Have you ever dreamed of living in a world where you never had to worry about losing your house keys again? Electronic locks are a solution to make your wishes come true, especially for those who are absent-minded. But even better when the electronic key is the optimal solution for safety and convenience. The following article will provide helpful information about electronic locks that you are interested in.

About electronic lock:

An electronic lock (also known as a smart lock) is an electrically operated lockfixed to the door, using an electronic chip to identify and unlock the lock in different ways without needing a key. Traditional locks include fingerprint, magnetic card, password, remote, or Wifi/BlueTooth.

The electronic door lock uses AA batteries, using time from 6 to 12 months depending on the level of use of the lock.

 Advantages of electronic locks

  • Open/close the door quickly and conveniently
  • Safer for users than traditional locks
  • Easy to share with family members
  • Easy to change suitable mode
  • Increase the aesthetics and modernity of the house

Disadvantages of electronic locks

  • High price
  • Difficult to install
  • Unable to self-repair when faulty

Features of electronic locks


Fingerprint unlock

You need to install your fingerprint on the lock system first, then just put the right finger that has been imprinted into the lock, and the door will be opened.


– High security cannot be copied or stolen because each person has a different fingerprint code.

– Some types of locks can record up to 100 different fingerprints.


If your hand is injured or your hands sweat a lot, the system will not be able to recognize the fingerprint to open the door.

To overcome this, you should dry your hands thoroughly before unlocking, as well as set up many different fingerprints in case one finger is injured.

2. Unlock with a magnetic card

This locking system uses a magnetic card to open the door. Each card consists of an electronic chip that stores a different data code. Magnetic keys often use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, identifying objects by radio waves, allowing to read the information contained in the chip.

You need to put the magnetic card into the identification spot on the electronic lock system; the door will be opened.


– Open the door quickly and conveniently. It only takes about 2 to 3 seconds to open the door.

– Anyone can open the door when receiving the card because it does not require each person to make preset settings such as fingerprint unlock.


You have to remember to bring the card with you every time you go out; it is possible to forget, lose or break the card.

3. Unlock with code

Users can register and create many different passwords according to their wishes. The lock system will remember the data, and you only need to enter the correct set of passwords to enter the house.


– Easily change the password regularly to ensure safety.

– Can allow others to enter the house by sharing the password.


– Must enter the whole sequence of codes correctly; some locks also require an * or # sign when entering the code, so unlocking time is longer than opening by fingerprint or magnetic card.

– When unlocking, you also need to avoid letting others peek at the password.

4. Unlock by remote

Remotely controlled door locks use a sensor device with two receivers, one in the door lock and one in the hand-held control. When you operate on the remote, the signal will be transmitted to the lock system to open the door.

Advantages: open the door with a very long distance (up to 40 or 50m) without having to go to the place to unlock it.

Disadvantages: having to carry the remote when going out, it’s easy to forget or lose it.

. Unlock via Wi-Fi

Like Bluetooth door locks, Wi-Fiwifi door locks will link the lock system with smartphones by waves such as Wi-Fiwifi, 3G/4G, Zwave, and ZigBee, … allowing you to unlock or look up the activity history of the key via an app on your phone.


– Can control the lock at any place with Wi-Fiwifi, not limited to the radius range. This is very useful when you are traveling or working away from home but still want to open the door for friends and relatives to enter the house.

– Can manage the operation of the lock through the application on the phone.

– The lock system will send an alert to the application on the phone when it detects that a thief is trying to break the lock to break in.

Disadvantages: Cannot perform in conditions of weak or no network connection.


It can be seen that an electronic lock is a very modern and diverse type of lock. Depending on your needs and conditions, you can choose which type of electronic lock is suitable and safe. The information about electronic locks that Locksmith San – Antonio provides will hopefully be helpful to you. Please follow us regularly if you need more information about lock types and lock repair services.

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