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Things You Need To Know When Buying A Toilet Door Lock

Toilet Door Lock

A toilet is a place that needs high privacy, so installing a toilet door lock is essential. On the market today, there are many models of door locks with many uses for many different benefits.

Let’s learn with Locksmith San-Antonio in this article to choose the right door lock for your toilet and limit the trouble while using it later.

Popular toilet door lock pattern.

toilet door lock
Popular toilet door lock pattern

Here we look at some of the most popular lock patterns today to determine which one to choose for your family.

  Popular round handle lock

The round grip lock is also known as the first lock. The lock is so named because the design of the door lock is mainly the shape of the round parts located on a central shaft. The lock has a relatively simple structure, is easy to install, and has an average cost.

Round knob locks often have low security and should not be used as the main door lock or hall lock, or balcony lock. Mainly use round knob locks in places convenient for opening and closing doors, such as partition doors, toilets, and rooms.

Lock level

Lever locks a lock product line that is extremely widely used in daily life. They are found in door sets that open and close, from the house’s main door to the doors of the private room, bedroom, or office.

Swing door locks are mechanical locking devices that are usually equipped for doors to open doors. The lock operates by an automatic mechanism, i.e., used by mechanical action between the locking parts to activate the opening-closing mechanism.

The toilet door should use a lever door lock that uses a sanitary key (1 sealing head, 1 latch) or a lever lock for the toilet door; the structure includes a clean lock body and a red and green latch instead of the regular gut key.

  • Keyless door latch.

Unlike other rooms, when going out, we need to lock the door, but for the toilet, when we go inside, we need to close the door to ensure safety and privacy.

So toilet door locks are prevalent because of their safety and convenience.

But the advantage is the disadvantage of this type of lock, if we, unfortunately, have a problem in the toilet such as stroke, fainting … then it is very difficult for outsiders to unlock the door to enter the emergency room.

  • The door lock has a function to notify whether someone is using the toilet or not.

 Sometimes the toilet door is closed, and we wonder if someone is inside or not; now, there is a toilet door lock with the function to notify someone inside or not is an advanced invention and handy today. We need to look at the color on the lock: if it’s blue, you can go inside and use the restroom, and if it’s red, it means someone is inside. This type of lock is commonly used in supermarkets, commercial centers, and cinemas where there are crowded activities.

But there is an inadequacy that not everyone knows to use public toilet door locks, so we need to propagate more or have specific instructions in the toilet.

Typical troubles when using toilet door locks and how to fix them.

  • Locked inside

For the round toilet door lock, we inevitably forget to press the lock button before going out and slamming the door. But in this case, that we do not have the key to reopen is a huge problem, or be forgotten until the subsequent use when we are in a hurry to the toilet, only to find it locked inside. and finding the key at this time would be very inconvenient.

The solution, in this case, is to always keep the spare key in a place that is easy to remember and find so that the problem can be solved most easily.

  • Lock stuck due to rust

Have you ever been stuck in the toilet and couldn’t get out because the lock wouldn’t open? Or have you ever wanted to open the door but couldn’t put the key in the lock? In this case, it is not difficult to realize that your house locks have been stuck due to use for too long and have rusted.

If possible, call a locksmith to come and solve it for you, and if you know a little about locks, the operation is effortless.

You need a special type of lubricant spray on the lock to remove rust stains and smooth the key contacts and inside of the wave.

And if in an emergency when there is no lubricating oil, you can replace it with cooking oil, makeup powder, or graphite powder is also very effective.

  • Lost, forgotten, or broken key.

The case of losing, forgetting, or breaking the key is also straightforward to happen. Still, as mentioned above, the toilet is essential when entering use, so it is required to lock it, so when we lose the key to the toilet door, we will not need to be too worried or need a new key immediately and still use the toilet as usual.

To get a new key requires a locksmith and a tiny expense for his absentmindedness.

  • Children are stuck in the toilet.

Children are often hyperactive and naughty. If they go to the toilet and lock the door will be very troublesome, there have been cases of having to break the door to solve this case.

If the toilet door lock uses a key, we can easily open the door with the key, but the internal latch door will be complicated to handle.

We should first calm the baby’s mind, avoid making him feel scared, and then guide him on how to open the door. The plan to break the door will be considered if it cannot be done.


 Toilet door lock is essential; the ways we choose the right toilet lock, suitable for the toilet and our family situation, will help us avoid possible troubles in the future.

Hope the article that Locksmith San-Antonio brings will be helpful for you!

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