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Note When Using The Rolling Door Lock.

Rolling Door Lock

These are outstanding features of rolling doors that are safe, luxurious, modern, and space-saving. However, what to do if you encounter a situation where the door key cannot open, the rolling door lock can’t be controlled, or if you lose the rolling door key? Let’s find out the cause and how to fix the rolling door lock! The type of door that is being used a lot today.

Learn about rolling door keys

A Rolling door lock or rolling door remote is a handheld remote control used to open/close or lock the rolling door. The top of the remote has buttons corresponding to the functions: up / down / stop/lock when controlling the rolling door. Their compact size, simple design, and are easy to put in a bag or pocket.

Can the door key be hit?

Usually, the key to the rolling door will be followed by the door set. And will be divided into many types with different adjustment technology. And the rolling door lock can be beaten, but note that it is not a rolling door key. Then you can also type new versions at home.

  • As for the vital mechanical models, if we have the expertise to know a little about the lock. That we can get the keys at home without the help of a key player.
  • But what if for the control key? Then we can only copy the rolling door key with the passcode key. As for the jump code key, we can’t beat it, but we have to ask for the help of a mechanic.

How much does it cost to make a rolling door key?

When we lose the key, making the key is what everyone thinks about. But how much does making the book’s key cost make people curious?

Depending on the lock’s address, the price for locking the door will vary. However, not every lesson has a quality reputation key. There are many lock units with very high prices, but the quality is not as expected.

A reputable address to hit the door key. And the price is affordable. To be able to help us get the lock right at home. Without spending too much money in the process of keying.

Causes and ways to fix rolling door locks at home

rolling door lock
Causes and ways to fix rolling door locks at home

Reasons to repair rolling door keys.

Due to improper use of the rolling door key. And also because the typical climate of Vietnam is hot, humid, and rainy. Therefore, the remote key for the rolling door and the mechanical key are elementary to damage.

Some common mistakes that make us have to fix the rolling door key are:

  • Mechanical rolling door keys and remote keys can be oxidized during long-term use. The process of opening the door will be stuck, making it impossible for us to open.
  • Because the control circuit is short-circuited, the data is lost.
  • The mechanical key is broken, lost, broken.
  • Because you left it in your clothes and put it in the washing machine, it was dropped or struck, causing the mechanical and automatic keys to be broken.
  • The remote rolling door key is in everyday use. No impact or water, but presses without receiving a signal.

In these cases, we need to fix the door lock immediately. Please do not leave it for long as the key may be completely damaged.

How to fix rolling door lock

When we see the door key to the house, they have the above problems. Then we need to repair the door lock quickly.

Fix the rolling door key that won’t open

  • If in the case that the motorcycle lock is rusty. Due to purchased water or dirt, the unlocking process cannot be performed. At this time, you can fix it by using oil to put in the lock and key. After that, try plugging the key in and out several times so that the oil can penetrate deep into the inside of the dry locations. Now can help make the lock can be a more smooth operation. And can be a lot easier to open.
  • And if the key is dropped or hit somewhere hard, the lock will be warped. This is only with mechanical keys. You can now place the blade of the key on a flat surface. Then we use force to act on it so that the edge of the key can be straightened.
  • As for the remote key without receiving the signal, then maybe the battery of the lock is having a problem or the battery is dead; we can check the battery. And replace the new lock battery can be used commonly.
  • Or it could be due to a power outage that prevented the key from opening. At this time, we can use the trick to unlock the rolling door when the power is out to open the door quickly.

The Rolling door lock is not controllable.

The Rolling door lock cannot be controlled due to:

  • Your remote is locked, or your engine control box has a problem. You need to check if the rolling door lock is being encrypted or not.
  • Due to weak signal. You need to check the power jack and remote battery or replace the battery with a new one.
  • Rolling door control battery out, lock code, lost code, or IC of receiving box is damaged. At this time, it is necessary to check the main power line and the backup relay. If the spokes are damaged or rusty, grease or replace the damaged spokes.

In case of technical failure: If, after replacing the battery, the door still does not work. Pick up the phone and call the locksmith team.


Above are the notes we share with you when using the rolling door lock. If you have problems with the keys and waves of the book, then use the tips we share. If you are interested in locksmith services, contact Locksmith San Antonio.

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