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Locked Out of Your House?

Everyone is busy and sometimes forgetful, leading to accidental account locking. You may have to call a reputable locksmith service to help you get back into your home when that happens. This is an excellent time to upgrade your existing door lock system. Consider switching to an electronic lock, smart lock, or keyless entry system.

Action Locksmith Inc can help with all of your locking and entry systems. Here are some steps to take if you’ve been locked out.

First, don’t panic; try calling a trusted friend or relative to help unlock the door, especially if they have a copy of your house keys. While you wait for reliable help, try another door or window you can reach to see if it can be opened. Also, if you have a trusted neighbor, they can help too. Removing a doorknob is a start if you have the skills, a screwdriver, a set of keychains, or other tools. However, calling a trusted locksmith is always your best bet.

Some people use a drill to open the door, damaging the lock. At that time, you will have to change the lock quickly. Again, calling a locksmith is a better idea. A professional locksmith service can not only open your door, but they can also assess and make sure everything is safe and repair any damage to your locks and doors.

As a precaution, it is a great idea to install a new locking system such as a smart lock, keyless lock, or electronic system. They can tell you all about new technology related to smart locks and keyless entry systems. Also, they know about the addition of a security system equipped with cameras.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe in Your Home 

Most people have a place or two in their homes to store valuables. Assets such as jewelry, money, heirlooms, photos, and legal documents are examples of items that people want to keep safe. Indoor safes can be beneficial.

Action Locksmith Inc not only wants to make sure your doors and locks are safe and your valuables. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


The safe is a fireproof compartment made of steel. It is used to store essential documents and valuables to keep them safe. Make sure to purchase a home safe certified as waterproof and fireproof or fireproof and made from large gauge steel. Most fireproof safes are manufactured and tested to protect documents up to a limit of 1,700 degrees for up to one hour. Most house fires burn for 20 to 30 minutes at 700 degrees. Choose a safe with an Insurance Laboratory (UL) rating.

Your important papers and valuables should be kept in a safe at home. Before purchasing a home safe, review the details of the model you’ve chosen to make sure it’s the type of safe you need. Choose a safe with a backup lock or two different locks on the safe. Modern home safes are designed with high-tech options in mind, and they come with warranties. High-tech options include biometric (fingerprint) technology. The warranty period varies from one year to several years.

Home safes can be purchased as a wall, floor, or stand-alone safes that can be bolted to the floor. There are media tanks with limited temperature control. The time you invest in thorough research will pay off when you get a safe that fully meets your needs and meets the standards of insurance.

Items to keep in a home safe: Items that need quick access that cannot be quickly retrieved from a bank deposit box should be stored in a home safe. This includes any legal document and related contact information or insurance policies—list of prescription drugs, pharmacy information, and medical records. Secure deposit box keys, investment, and financial documents, including debt information. Inventory of valuables and collectibles, deeds and titles, and a small amount of cash for quick access. Also, original social security cards, power of attorney, wills, trusts, and legal documents.

Photos, negatives, stamps, coin collections, historical information, collectibles, precious memorabilia, or any expensive personal items can be stored in a safe at home.

Tax documents, financial statements, and personal and real estate information can be stored in a fireproof safe. If it is necessary to keep media items at home, make sure they are stored in a fireproof and waterproof safe.

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