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How To Unlock The Wardrobe Without Locksmiths?

Unlock The Wardrobe

Today’s life is increasingly developed; each family equips their family with beautiful furniture, and the wardrobe is one of the indispensable items in every home. But one day, your wardrobe key suddenly disappears, or those cabinets have not been used for a long time, causing the cabinet to get stuck. So how to unlock the wardrobe without a key? Is it possible to open a closet by myself without a locksmith?

We will answer these questions through the article below.

How to unlock a stuck wardrobe

There are many different reasons why our family’s wardrobe lock is stuck. It is possible that the safety has not been used for a long time, causing it to be stuck and unable to be opened. And it cannot be opened.

Or it could be that the locks are too old, causing them to get stuck. And in addition, many other reasons lead to a locked cabinet lock. If we let the lock get stuck for a long time. It is also possible to cause the lock to be completely damaged.

And it can cost us a lot to replace the new cabinet lock. So when the lock is stuck, we should not try to unlock it. And just like now, we don’t need to worry too much about this. 

We just need to unlock it with some stuck opening tips. 

For this unlocking tip, you need to be very skillful and persistent. Only then can we unlock the lock when stuck. At this time, we can fix this situation at home without the help of a mechanic.

How to unlock the wardrobe without a key

unlock the wardrobe
How to unlock the wardrobe without a key

Cabinet locks aren’t just the case where the lock gets stuck. But the lock can also have problems and lose the key because the cabinet lock is used as a mechanical key. So the loss of the key is one of the things that is hard to avoid. At this time, we need to know the operating principle of the cabinet lock.

Wardrobe locks rely on high and low serrations at the top of the key. At this point, the lock will be opened. That’s why when you don’t have the key to unlock the locker. The problem here is that you have to arrange that birth line into a straight line.

There are quite a few different ways to perform keyless closet unlocking. Below Hung Thinh will introduce to you some straightforward methods anyone can apply.

How to unlock the wardrobe with tweezers

How to unlock the wardrobe is one of the relatively simple ways. And is used by many people to open their family’s wardrobe locks. And indeed, when hearing how to unlock a keyless wardrobe with tweezers, many people are curious about this method.

The tweezers can help us to quickly and effectively unlock the cabinet. But this is one of the straightforward unlocking methods, with only one tool that any family has.

We use the lock principle to push all the tweezers in the closet lock. And then, we gently choose to turn the tweezers in the direction of opening the cabinet. At this point, you just need to use the end of the tweezers to then put it in the cabinet lock.

When we feel the tweezers move like a key. At this point, you can successfully unlock the keyless wardrobe.

However, at this time, we need to be very clever in this opening. And we need to know the principle of operation of the lock. If we are not knowledgeable, we can rely on locksmiths.

Unlock the wardrobe with hairpins

How to unlock the wardrobe with a hairpin is also quite simple. First, you just need to prepare two hairpins and pliers. Then we use the first clamp to put inside the lock. We will put it in the position that is widest to be able to insert the key.

As for the second hairpin, you should use pliers to be able to square a part equal to 1/3 of the clip. Then you use it to be able to raise it high. To be able to push the locking ball pins up.

And during that push, we need to pay attention and listen. If the lock clicks, a ball latch that locks the cabinet has been opened. And we keep doing this until we have pushed the locking ball pins up. Then we successfully implemented how to unlock the keyless cabinet successfully.

Unlock the wardrobe with a nail file

Unlocking this locker is very simple. We just need to use a small nail file. And to be able to proceed with this way of opening the wardrobe, you just need to put the nail file inside the lock.

Then we just need to shake it slightly left and right to push the tweezers of the lock ball down. And at the same time, you must spend sufficient force to turn the nail file in the open direction of the cabinet lock.

At this time, all the ball tweezers inside the lock have been opened. Then you have been able to successfully perform a keyless unlocking process.

There are also many other ways to unlock it when the key is lost. We can do this unlocking, so we can do the cabinet unlocking.


Thank you for following our article! Locksmith San Antonio hopes the above unlocking methods will be helpful to you. Above is how to unlock the wardrobe without a key or in case the closet door lock is stuck.

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