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How To Unlock A Stuck Glass Door ?

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Thinner glass doors are increasingly popular and used in our lives because they are very convenient and help the space become more spacious. However, ” How to unlock a stuck glass door?”is getting more attention because this is one of the common problems that users often encounter. Suppose you can’t find a locksmith right away to assist you with unlocking; learn how to unlock glass doors through our following article. This is the fastest way for you to manually open the glass door in the event of a problem.

Cause the tempered glass door is stuck.

After a period of use, the glass door will often have a few problems, such as the door sagging, the door being difficult to open and close, and especially the tempered glass door lock is stuck, unable to open and close. This will cause many problems. convenient and affects the lives of everyone in the family, workplace…

Therefore, it is necessary to handle it immediately and have a way to unlock the stuck glass door in time so as not to affect everyone’s life and work. 

 Some causes of tempered glass doors getting stuck:

  • Due to the assembly process, the construction team’s operation is not standard, making the hinges and screws loose after a period of use and leading to the door being stuck and difficult to open and close.
  • Due to excessive use, usually, doors in workplaces and public stores with frequent people entering and exiting, with the intensity of opening and closing many times per day will cause the door to get stuck.
  • Due to the impact of the weather, the door will gradually dry out and need to be checked with grease.
  • Because the lock is rusty, there is a foreign object inside.
  • Due to the use of opening and closing too forcefully. Used for too long without maintenance and maintenance.

Working principle of glass door lock

Glass door locks of all types often have the same operating principle. When you insert the key into the lock, the side grooves will push the pin pairs up out of the lock shaft, the lock shaft will be rotated, and the lock will be unlocked. When designing the safety, the manufacturers will design it separately so that the lock can only be opened with a single key.

Ways to unlock the stuck glass door

unlock a stuck glass door
How to unlock a stuck glass door?

When the door shows signs of being hard, challenging to open or close, or stuck, it needs to be repaired immediately to avoid the longer it will be more difficult to repair; some suggested ways to unlock the stuck glass door are as follows:

Choose a tool to unlock the glass door.

Unlocking the glass door requires the following tools: 2 small, long, and flat metal bars. One bar has a small and slightly curved end and a long, flat rod of arbitrary shape to rotate the glass door lock shaft in 2 directions.

Determine the direction of rotation of the locking shaft

Determining the direction of rotation of the locking shaft is very remarkable. You need to determine if the lock is rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. Determining the direction of rotation of the lock shaft is as follows: you need to turn the lock shaft in both directions. If rotated in the correct order, the axis of the lock will move for a short distance, and if rotated in the opposite direction, the lock shaft will not work. 

Check and re-adjust hinges:

First need to unscrew the screws right on the hinge, take out the outer stainless steel cover of the hinge, then use a wrench to loosen the two screws on both sides, and a hexagon in the middle, similar to the other end, also loosen. 2 hexagonal screws on both sides. Next, align the four small screws below at both ends to push, raise the hinge higher, be careful not to raise it too high; only about 3.4 mm is okay, and lift both ends equally. Finally, tighten the screws slowly and sequentially and check if the door is still stuck. Keep drawing until the door is easy to use and no longer attached. 

 When finished, close the hinged cover and turn the screws on the outside of the hinge surface to fix it as before.

Adjust the glass clamp:

Remove the stainless steel clamp that protects the glass door, loosen the first two screws and lift the door slowly until it is closed. Open the door to see if it is no longer stuck, and proceed to tighten the two screws. First again.

Check the lock part:

See if the lock is rusty or dusty, then use an anti-rust chemical spray and cleaning tools to clean the lock. 

 If there is a foreign object, use tweezers to remove it or ask a professional locksmith if the thing is too deep inside…

The steps to break the glass door lock not everyone can do it, but it requires ingenuity as well as skill. So it would be best if you were very attentive. If you can’t do it, ask for the help of a team of professional locksmiths to ensure the safety of your door lock. Above are a few tips to unlock the glass door yourself when you are stuck in an emergency in case a locksmith cannot be found.


Through the above article, we would like to introduce how to unlock the stuck or lost tempered glass door in an emergencyLocking is one of the common problems when using glass doors. It should be handled immediately and promptly by applying the tips we provide. You can also find a professional locksmith at Locksmith San-Antonio to stay safe and efficient.

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