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How To Open Aluminum Door Locks Quickly?

aluminum door locks

Aluminum door locks are one of the types of locks that are used quite a lot today. Many families use this door lock because of its durability. But many people do not know how to unlock the aluminum door when the aluminum door lock has a problem. And sometimes, you should also learn how to break the spiral of aluminum and glass doors to use in some exceptional cases.

Before learning how to open Xingfa aluminum door locks, you need to know the characteristics of aluminum door locks.

Xingfa aluminum door locks

aluminum door locks
Xingfa aluminum door locks

Round aluminum door locks

Round handle glass aluminum door locks are usually suitable for ordinary aluminum doors. The advantage is that this round aluminum door lock is relatively cheap and easy to use. However, the problem of aesthetics and quick deterioration is a massive disadvantage for aluminum doors because the repair or replacement is quite time-consuming and expensive.

Aluminum door lock with lever

Ensure safety by making room doors and primary doors for the project. This lever aluminum door lock has various locking mechanisms such as latch lock, single lock, and multi-point lock. King’s multi-point locks are among the best in quality.

Aluminum door multi-point lock

This is a door lock with a structure consisting of A moving rod, a locking core, and a multi-point handle. With such a structure, the door bar can be moved from top to bottom as if it were locked in many different positions.

And thanks to that, the security of this type of aluminum door lock is exceptionally high with a tight and tight fit. Making this lock even more complex, and this is not one of those things that are easy to do.

Not only that, this type of multi-point lock has a rather sharp and delicate design. This type of lock is used in many places, such as the main door, single-leaf door, double-leaf door, four-leaf door, window, balcony door, etc. The price of this lock is quite diverse, and there are many types of locks and vital types.

This aluminum door multi-point lock is used in various places in the house. Therefore, we should regularly maintain and pay attention to the waves. Do not let the lock be damaged for many days because that will not be safe for our house. And may cause us to have to replace the door lock with a new one.

Aluminum door single-point lock

Just like the name of this door lock. The safety structure includes a single-point handle, lock body, and critical core. This type of lock differs from the multi-point lock in that it is one of the types of locks that can only be opened in a fixed position.

That’s where the lock is located. Because of this structure makes, multi-point locks for aluminum doors are not widely used. It is only used mainly for shower doors and toilet or balcony doors.

These types of aluminum door single point door locks are pretty cheap. And there are many different designs. Allow users to choose freely.

Aluminum sliding door lock

Aluminum door locks usually use a padlock or latch-type locks. The type of lock that locks aluminum and glass sliding doors on the market has several models such as 1-hook lock, 2-hook lock, hook semi-circular lock, B52 door lock, D-handle lock, and imported Japanese padlock.

And all the above sliding aluminum door locks are designed in the style of quite a durable mold. And that’s why this product is tough to be opened no matter how strong they are subjected to.

Aluminum door lock open

Aluminum and glass doors are A-shaped: this type of door usually uses a lever lock (traditionally found in A-shaped hinged open windows) used in windows, balcony doors, etc.

Smart Xingfa aluminum door lock

Xingfa aluminum door electronic lock uses a fingerprint or code to open and has automatic or manual locking mode. A smart aluminum door lock is safe even if the key is lost. On the other hand, it cannot be copied between carriers.

How to unlock the Xingfa aluminum door

Many people do not know how to unlock Xingfa aluminum doors quickly when they encounter problems.

How to open stuck aluminum door locks?

When we use aluminum and glass doors for a long time, that’s for sure. There are many different reasons why the lock is stuck and cannot be opened.

And to be able to do a quick way to unlock aluminum doors when stuck. Then we should first check the key. If due to a strong impact, the door lock is warped. Does not match the back cover.

Now we need to adjust the door lock to fix the stuck lock. And if there are other reasons, you can follow the tips to unlock is stuck. These unlocking tips can help you select the stuck lock quickly without having to ask for the help of a mechanic.

How to unlock the aluminum door when the key is lost?

Most aluminum door locks use mechanical locks. Therefore, it is tough for us to lose the key.

However, the way to unlock the aluminum door when the key is lost is not too complicated. They are similar to the unlocking method of regular locks. However, we need to understand the structure of our aluminum door lock.

To be able to apply in the way of unlocking aluminum doors when the key is lost. Locking these two parts will not be difficult if we know them well. And we can unlock and open it quickly by ourselves.


Above are the experience and knowledge that we have gathered through the process of repairing aluminum door locks. If you are facing any problems related to the aluminum door locks, please refer to our article.

Locksmith San Antonio hopes this article will bring you much helpful knowledge!

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