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How To Handle A Broken Key By Yourself?

broken key

In life, you often encounter situations like a broken key and being stuck in the lock. Surely you will be very upset and confused in this situation.

So how to handle when the key is broken and stuck in the lock? What is the cause of the broken key?

Please read our article below to understand better how to handle broken keys.

What causes the key to breaking?

broken key
What causes the key to breaking?

There are 4 main causes of car key breakage:

The strong impact causes the key to breaking.

Usually, the unlocking situation is too strong because the user does not know that there is something inside the lock, using all his strength to unlock the lock and causing the key to break right into the lock.

In addition, the cause may be due to poor quality locks. You just need to use a little force to break the key.

Sometimes due to a fall, the car collides with the key and the lock, causing the lock to break due to a strong impact.

Rusty lock leads to a broken key.

Locks left outdoors in the rain will cause rainwater to stick to the safety. Rainwater is acidic, so after a long enough time, it can rust, push the key to wear out, affect the durability and easily break horizontally.

In this case, you should not immediately take the key out of the lock because it will cause the key to break and get stuck.

The key was broken because the thief failed to crack the lock.

In case the key is stuck in the lock, it can also be caused by a failure to crack the lock:

It may be because the thief’s unlocking technique is not fluent. Your car lock has been damaged in the internal parts, so it is difficult to remove when the key is inserted. The lock is of poor quality, so if the thief uses strong force, it will break the key.

Poor quality key

Because the key is hunched and warped, when inserted into the lock, the user trying to control the key will accidentally exert a great force, causing the key to break and get stuck ½ inside the lock.

Keys are sold in various stores; if you do not carefully study the origin and brand, it is easy to buy the wrong product of poor quality, mixed with many substances. Therefore, the product is very brittle and easily broken even if you use moderate force to open it. Please find the source and reputable store to buy, ensuring the best for your locks.

How to handle when the key is broken

  • Use a spare key: If you are at home, this is the fastest way to fix it. Or if you are going to work, go to school and have this problem, you can also contact your family/friends to bring a spare key to you so that your journey will not be interrupted for a long time.
  • Contact a professional locksmith to support: If you don’t have one of the broken keys, it is already a backup key; the most effective way is to find a reputable repairer to get it fixed.

3 ways to handle a broken key from the lock

The ways to handle when the key is broken, and the remaining ½ key is still stuck inside the lock should be done step by step and should not be rushed to avoid making the other key sink deeper inside:

Method 1: Use tweezers and pliers

Preparation: A stapler and a pair of tweezers.

Here’s how to do it :

· Step 1: Use tweezers to pull out the broken key in the lock

· Step 2: Next, fix the key so that it doesn’t get back inside.

· Step 3: You use pliers to pull the key out.

Note :

· This way requires coordination between two people to quickly get the key out of the lock.

· Requires you to be a little handy.

· Know how to use moderate force when folding.

 Method 2: Use a piece of plastic

You need to prepare :

· Hard plastic piece with a width of about 0.2cm, you can cut from a plastic bottle.

· one scissors.

· 502 glue.

How to do it :

· Step 1: Cut a piece of plastic about 0.2 cm wide.

· Step 2: Using a razor (blade), scrape one end of the scratched plastic piece and apply 502 glue to the scratched part.

· Step 3: Put that tip in the broken key and wait until the glue dries; after about 10 minutes, you can pull the key out of the lock.

Implementation note :

· When pulling out, you make gentle movements.

· You should not use this method with the key stuck too deep in the lock.

· This method only applies flat keys, not round keys.

· Use the glue carefully; avoid the glue getting into the eye or sticking to the outside of the lock, making it harder for you to get it.

Method 3: Get the broken key with candle glue

It would help if you prepared: Lighter (lighter box) and candle glue to make this method.

How to do it :

· Step 1: Use a lighter to melt the glue and let the melted glue quickly get into the place where the key is stuck in the lock.

· Step 2: You wait for the glue to dry for about 5 minutes and pull it out gently; you’ve got the key in the lock.

Attention :

· Use keys that are not too profoundly soaked and have a flat shape.

· Requires patience and skill of the hands.

If you have done the above methods and can’t get the key broken out of the lock or the key is too deep, then you need to seek the help of a professional locksmith or replace the lock with a new one.To make the process more convenient to use.


A broken key stuck in the lock is something no one wants to happen. However, there are many reasons for a broken key. So save these tips from handling when you have a broken key.

Thank you for following the article of Locksmith San-Antonio. If you need assistance with locksmith services, please contact us.

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