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Experience Choosing To Buy Suitable Locks

Locks are likened to an immutable object that must be in every family because they help prevent thieves from breaking into the house, an object that plays an essential role in keeping the home safe.

There are many different lock models on the market today, so to choose a suitable lock, let’s learn how to distinguish them from each other. Types of locks are currently popular, and the criteria for choosing to buy locks are through the article below.

Types of popular locks.

Types of popular locks

Round handle lock

Indeed, among the door locks, the round handle lock is the most familiar to many people, especially suitable for installation with wooden doors and aluminum doors. A round handle lock is also considered a traditional lock with the advantage of being very easy to use. Just turn the lock to be able to close or open the door, or if you want to lock, there will be a round button in the middle and just press. Enter, and the door will be locked.

However, the disadvantage of this type of lock is that after a long time of use, it is easy to lose, jam, and difficult to rotate to open as well as the safety is not high. In addition, because the handle lock often comes with a key, it is also easy to forget, or when children are playing or forgetting to press the door shutter button.

Latch lock – push lock.

Like the round fist lock, the key lock and the latch lock are standard door locks used daily.

The push lock will fit the handle better; press down to the safety and when you want to open it, turn the key. This type of lock is often used for iron repair, folding doors, warehouses, bicycles, and motorbike fork locks, and there is also this type of lock for travel suitcases.

Unlike the push lock, the latch lock is a more secure anti-theft form. To identify the critical safety, notice a horizontal key on the lock bridge; when you want to open it, turn the key to remove the latch from the two bridges.

Door lock lever

This type of lock is suitable for wooden or aluminum doors and is usually made of iron and steel. Unlike the above two types of locks, with this lock line, you have to push the handle down when you want to open or close, and there will always be a fixed key to lock the door when you want.

But there are also a few disadvantages of the lever lock compared to other door locks, such as not ensuring safety, and needing to use a key, so it is easy to fall or lose.

Mechanical lock for rolling door

Rolling doors are often used for houses with streets or shops or large houses with garages to ensure security. And the mechanical lock for the rolling door is also an accompanying item, the most popular type of lock is the horizontal latch design specialized for rolling shutter doors.

However, when opening or locking this type of lock, it is necessary to turn it in the right direction to avoid jamming it because it is complicated to break and should not be twisted, or the key will be broken.

Electronic door lock

This is one of the most popular, high-class, modern door locks. Electronic locks are integrated with new technologies and techniques, so they will differ from the above waves because they will be opened by code, card, fingerprint, or face recognition to maximize security and ensure higher safety.

This type of lock possesses many outstanding advantages such as good security, fast opening/closing time, not too difficult to use, luxurious and modern design … so it is chosen by many families. Because it is more modern, it is easy to see that the price of electronic locks is also higher than that of conventional coils.

Criteria for choosing to buy suitable locks

Buy locks that match the design of the house.

Choosing the right lock for the house design determines the aesthetics and safety of the house. If your home has modern and luxurious architecture, why not select a golden, metallic, or bronze lock set? This creates a homogeneity for the house and the space of the building.

Choose the right type for the material.

To choose a lock with a solid structure, it is best to choose a lock with a sturdy body and hook made from steel, stainless steel, and materials with cut-resistant properties. The appearance of sound waves is also plated with chromium to help prevent corrosion, good oxidation, and especially against sawing, cutting, or drilling from the outside.

Buy locks that are suitable for use.

Each type of lock will have a different purpose, so homeowners must choose the most suitable type. In addition, we have other choices depending on the sense and level of security.

The lock is suitable for financial costs.

The variety of models and prices is an excellent opportunity to choose a lock that suits your family’s finances easily. However, please note that you should select quality locks from reputable manufacturers. Although the price of these products is somewhat higher than the traditional lock line, they will integrate more utilities and ensure more durability against external forces.

Looking for a reputable brand that sells locks

Customers can easily choose the lock that is most suitable for them. Many reputable brands, such as Tolsen, ABUS, and Master, sell locks on the market. And there are many brand addresses across the country, so you will easily buy proper safety without moving too far.


Currently, there are many types of locks on the market, but how to choose the right lock for use and safety is something that everyone is interested in.

Hopefully, the knowledge of choosing to buy locks that Locksmith San-Antonio provides will be helpful to you!



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